(POETRY) Red Eyes

Red Eyes, come closer near
I see what they cannot
You blinded them with grace
Their view- your malice blot

You lift your legs and dance
Like ashen rose near wildfire
They light the limbs and raze
To burn the child they sire

Oh shed a tear and cry
And damn the world once over 
To death and blackened Hell
One deafened note all over

Now press your lungs and sing
Give birth to joyous tones
Of how you love the chaos
And fight the world alone

You breathe and give me life
Your vice is all but mine
Your lips and smile are toxic
But toxic like red wine

You give me strength to stand
And look upon the mirror
I dream upon a foggy hill
With you the haze grows clearer

I wish the world to glare at me
And beat me to the ground
I hope the wind shall guide my way
And lead me to your sound

Red Eyes, your words are soft
And I shall know your name
They never look behind the mask
You're smiling all the same

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