(POETRY, LIMERICK) Her chocolate face


She sits with regal grace
I crave her chocolate face
She stands, she bows
She commands the clouds
And I pursue with frightening pace

Her smile lights up their eyes
I look- I see no lies
Her arms are swift
The skies- she lift
All I see- those well bred thighs

On touch I think I'll burn
Her presence, I did not earn
She looks, she smiles
A trail left for miles
True pain- I'm dying to learn

(POETRY) Old Elixir


When actions roll and all is joy
When life is dull and praise a toy
When eatings done for eatings sake
When easy come and easy take

There is a hope for one and all
When daggers poke and life' a stall
Come one come soon, and have a beer
That one did brew with blood and tear

An ale of tread, it dims the pain
Get drunk on sweat, and praise the rain
'Cause rain is snow with leather shine
Work hard to down, the sweaty wine

A drink so swell, it breaks the clock
Damn beds to hell, come work, we knock
A broken chair, we come to fix'er
We sing of men, the Old Elixir

(POETRY) There’s a hell so chaotic


There's a hell so chaotic
It burns at your soul
A want of coherence
A void full of holes

To reach for your body
The crisis of being
The ultimate failure
To think too much thinking

You need to stay steady
But turn off your head
Close off your perception
To that bloody red

For 'tis the sole road
That trekking is cozy
Think not of the dying
But smelling the rosy

(POETRY) The Absurd


To be an unbeing
The slashing of wrists
A finale unclever
Yet I see no shame

A life full of choices
Yet outcome unwanted?
Take charge of one's life
Don't hang up the curtains

To take away life 
Life that's your own
Decision ungiven 
Yet real as it gets

Crime unchargable 
Life creeps and taunts
The final rebellion
An end to the anguish

Simply an ending
The galaxy stands
You're merely a nothing
In the ocean of stillness

But if life provides
Tangible meaning
Hold and grab and swing
Do not give slack

Jump high for it
Do not be defeated
The difference in meaning
It's called the Absurd

(POETRY) An ending so clever


Songs without singers
They sit on the shelves
Tomes of heroics
Stocked by li'l elves

A graveyard of thoughts
An old mausoleum 
Paper like grain flakes
And no eyes to see them

A pity- a shame
An intellect crime
Content so wasted
They're battered by time

Years spent in writing
A lifelong endeavor
A bonfire of vowels
An ending so clever