(POETRY) In fleeting, plotting crowds

Come with me, to trials unknown
Your like is of the kind
I wish to know so well

Your skin is smooth of nurture
Of all I care to breathe 
I soak in sweet pearly sweat-

An accursed cure for lonely days
Your swift hands and gentle touch
Has sent me pains of needed hurt

I read of books and tales of love
You write the rosy, compelling words 
Of my lifelong battle-sonnet 

A song so coarse I sing
Verse so cold and damning
Warmed up by youthful vigor

Of all that see the world unbound
You give me cheerful eyesore 
On realms of rape and murder 

I want to need a curse like you
Days spent unwhole have diseased
My brain, my eyes, my soul

The savior of my soul has come
Yet body I must but see
In fleeting, plotting crowds



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