(POETRY) Château d’mort


In the penthouse of screams
A soul could not hear
The sound of his thinking-
A shrieking of fear

In the office of chaos
You lose your own eyes
In searching and lurching
A blinding demise

In the bathhouse of filth
Your blood fills with dirt
Invasion of body
A skin-pealing hurt

In the closet of watching
All eyes turn to you
When naked and helpless
They laugh at you nude

In the bedroom of envy
You shrink 'til you grow
Contortions of spine
How far will you go

In the chair of refusal
You can't move an inch
A mutiny of muscles
You can't even flinch

In the lounge of regret
You sleep with your dog
Notions of sentience
A sorrowful fog

In the attic of drowning
You can't keep your lungs
To pay for your breathing
You don't have the funds

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