(POETRY) A bowl so small


A bowl so small
Material unimaginable
In that bowl
Vanity incomprehensible

To eat or not to eat
Questions of the Bible
An apple of my eye
Yet as real as sights recorded-

My brain compels to chew
Yet my soul refute- and spit-
A poison through and through
How could I not see it?

My father says it's good by me
Fatten yourself- says Society
How could they truly not see
The blood flowing down from lip to knee

Yet day to day I feed on it
Nights go by and I'm drowned by it
The taste so sweet I'm drawn to it
Never failed- to indulge in it

A terrible sight of the world it gives
This poison of mine, a curse and gift
For it makes men small- tall men fall
It is the resistance- and the lift

So all I can say
All that I pray
That this poison is taken
Out- my soufflé

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